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Florian Moser

I code for windows and for web

Things I've built

I develop for web (full-stack, but preferably complex php backends with symfony or small lightweight applications with the amazing slimframework) and for windows devices (in C#, mostly UWP applications optimized for my phone)

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Places I've worked

I have professional experience as a C# developer (ASP.NET MVC and UWP) and as a full-stack web developer (php backends with symfony and sonata admin, frontends with bootstrap, jquery, etc)

Freelancer at famoser

Using symfony (php) and vueJS I create secure, scalable and maintainable web applications taylored to the specific needs of the client. I reduce effort and improve processes for societies and KMUs.

Professional Software Engineer at Zühlke

Using ASP.NET (C#) and angular I work as part of an agile team on a solution for underwriters of international property insurance. I develop complex features, perform refactorings and improve testing.

Webdeveloper & Projektmanager at JKweb GmbH

Using symfony (php) and vueJS I create web applications. I am responsible for the projects from start to finish; including requirements engineering, design, development, operations and maintenance.

C# developer at Unit Solutions AG

Using WinRT and ASP.NET I develop an application to improve the planning of street maintenance. Under the supervision of experienced developers I work in an agile environment.

Articles I've written

If I've worked long enough with a technology and feel confident writing about it I'll create short and precise usage recommendations. It may help someone to get to know the technology faster, and helps me to structure and remember.

git branching model


git is a tool for the command line to backup and distribute source code. There are multiple beautifully made webpages and GUI tools which help to use it and to make sense out even out of the biggest code bases. The workflow is simple: Each code base / each project is in its own repository. As soon as you’ve finished […]

continuous integration

In the following article I will use continuous integration for quality control: I want to make sure my projects are building and their unit tests are passing. I’ve configured CI in a project of mine for both the C# and the php part. Here’s how: C# I’m using appveyor for this. Its as easy as […]


Jason Schuller: http://jason.sc/ A very good minimalistic webdev. A lot of his templates can be downloaded for free at https://jason.sc/work. AJ: https://aj.lkn.io/ Makes awesome templates on https://html5up.net/ (for free) and https://pixelarity.com/ (paid). He’s even made a simple online webpage creator over at https://carrd.co/ (simple to use). BlackTie: http://blacktie.co/ Bootstrap webpages. Not as great as from the […]

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