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webpage for a youth boys choir


Webpage for a boys choir. Gallery, sound examples, cd & tickets selling. Adapted design of flyers to webpage format. Three other web applications allow to manage the members of the choir, and the members to register for events.


replace the old webpage and modernize the administration allowing the singer to register for events online rather than by paper. Making the administration more efficient with the advantage of having all data in a central database, for example to generate bulletins


build with an own framework. The appplication is divided into five different ones; one displays the public webpage, one allows to manage the singers and concert, one allows the singers to register for concerts, one manages the static parts of the public webpage, and one serves as a filesystem to distribute music sheets & images.

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Published - This project is published

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Finished - This project is stable and is maintained

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Febuar 2014

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April 2014

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screenshot of knabenkantorei
screenshot of knabenkantorei