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a nuget portable library to sync models in a very convenient way


this library allows to connect to the sync api webpage, and then save any entites (after implementing a small interface) to it. All entries will be synced over all UWP devices automatically. You can customize pretty much everything is this repository, but get started quickly for simple use cases due to clever dependency injection and a prepared standard use case. About 10 LOC allow for basic CRUD! All objects are persist with a unique version id, so you can even access the history of your objects. All data is available offline, initialization is done lazy with observable collections.


to solve the synchronization problems I've encountered in my application once and for all


the generic repositories allow the consumer of this library to customize everything himself but allows also a fast set up for simple applications. it connects to a php api backend to sync

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February 2017

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C# SyncApi api-sync portable class libraries