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C# ist eine objektorientierte Programmiersprache hauptsächlich genutzt auf Windows Geräten

name kicker status tags
BeerCompanion keep track of your beer consumption (with api sync) Discontinued C# api-sync portable class libraries uwp
ETHZMensa displays ETH & UZH mensa menu of the day Finished C# portable class libraries uwp
ExpenseMonitor keeps track of your expenses, combine them into groups adn sync them over your devices Finished C# api-sync portable class libraries uwp
Gymoberwil a utility designed for gymnasium students of Gymnasium Oberwil (dirty code guaranteed) Discontinued C# Windows Phone
LectureSync type in your courses, lectures and their information once, sync them over all your devices Finished C# SyncApi portable class libraries uwp
OfflineMedia read articles from multiple news sources under a clean and consistent design. Finished C# portable class libraries uwp
RememberLess simple note taking app with API sync Finished C# api-sync portable class libraries uwp
MassPass a password manager with encrypted synchronization Paused C# api-sync portable class libraries
-- hidden -- -- hidden -- Active C# Windows Phone
-- hidden -- -- hidden -- Active C# WinRT
YoutubeDataApiWrapper.Portable a portable youtube api wrapper to simplify requests Finished C# nuget portable class libraries
ViewEssentials set of classes useful in view projects Finished C# nuget portable class libraries
UWPTileGeneratorRevised generate UWP tiles Discontinued C# Visual Studio Extension
UniversalEssentials essential classes for any universal project Finished C# nuget uwp
Typo3Crawler check the typo3 version of a webpage Discontinued C# windows-forms
-- hidden -- -- hidden -- Discontinued C# uwp
techgemechtel all files used for my blog @ blog.famoser.ch Finished C#
SyncApi a nuget portable library to sync models in a very convenient way Finished C# SyncApi api-sync portable class libraries
SqliteWrapper a portable sqlite wrapper Finished C# nuget portable class libraries
physik-utils utility to calculate basic physical equations. dirty code guaranteed Discontinued C# windows-forms
SchemaToSqliteConverter convert a schema produced by https://github.com/ondras/wwwsqldesigner to valid sqlite Finished C# windows-forms
PhotoboothVoter get some free votes @photobooth Discontinued C#
Notfalldienst a utility to distribute dates to multiple persons over a timespan following certain rules Finished C# windows-forms
MSSQLConverter small converter to transform MSSQL to MySQL Finished C#
KeepeekDownloader small utility to make the content of books which is accessible online at http://www.keepeek.com/ also offline available Discontinued C#
KaeptnRage crossplatform rage solution Discontinued C# portable class libraries
GithubLoCCounter count the lines of code in a github repo Discontinued C#
FrameworkEssentials a nuget package with some utlities & services I use in my projects Finished C# portable class libraries
Famoser.Dev.Web small utility to automate common web developing task Finished C#
DrawExample a small example application to use canvas & draw polygon Discontinued C#
CsvMysqlImporter import a csv file into a mysql database Discontinued C#
CoverExplorer this utility fetches album covers for a mp3 files. first c# programm I've ever made. dirty code guaranteed. Discontinued C# windows-forms
Bookmarked save & sync your bookmarkeds in a folder structure Finished C# SyncApi uwp
Backup my personal backup solution Finished C# windows-forms
AvgSecoCrawler crawls the content of a specific webpage, and writes the result into an excel file Discontinued C#
AsyncAwaitExamples examples used in the stackoverflow documentation about the async-await keyword Finished C#
FexCompiler compile .fex files to printable .pdf Finished C#
FexFlashcards use the json provided by FexCompiler as flashcards Active C# WPF
TestCaseGenerator this project generates simple test cases to get 100% branch coverage with the IfStmts Finished C#