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windows desktop only application

name kicker status tags
YoutubePlaylistDownloader download youtube playists as mp3 Discontinued windows-forms
FilesDownloader downloads pdfs from specified webpages to correspondingĀ folders Finished windows-forms
Typo3Crawler check the typo3 version of a webpage Discontinued C# windows-forms
SchemaToSqliteConverter convert a schema produced by https://github.com/ondras/wwwsqldesigner to valid sqlite Finished C# windows-forms
physik-utils utility to calculate basic physical equations. dirty code guaranteed Discontinued C# windows-forms
Notfalldienst a utility to distribute dates to multiple persons over a timespan following certain rules Finished C# windows-forms
CoverExplorer this utility fetches album covers for a mp3 files. first c# programm I've ever made. dirty code guaranteed. Discontinued C# windows-forms
Backup my personal backup solution Finished C# windows-forms