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php ist eine objektorientierte Programmiersprache hauptsächlich genutzt im Web

name kicker status tags
jungerkammerchor.ch project choir from Basel Finished php
crm projekt and customer management build on top of the wadmin php framework Discontinued php wadmin
eVoting eVoting tool used yearly by a large student society Finished php symfony
krippenstellen job platform specifically for cribs Finished php
webmaster tool this tool allows to edit content of a large webpage Finished php
avfroburger webpage for student society Finished php wordpress
knabenkantorei webpage for a youth boys choir Finished php
-- hidden -- -- hidden -- Active php symfony
turium.fit webpage for a sport center Finished php
traveltrade trading platform for goods Discontinued php
metu onlineshop for building parts Finished php
ssth-live small advertisment webpage for a roadshow Discontinued php
ssav.ch webpage for Schulsozialarbeitsverband Finished php
corporate-now internal communication tool Discontinued php symfony
sportchor Discontinued php
farbstoff-design.ch onlineshop for a print service Active php symfony
coiffeurjob.ch jobs for hair stylists Active php symfony
wadmin A framework for a universal administration web application Discontinued php
Telemetry telemetry for UWP applications with php api / backend Finished php
SyncApi.Webpage the server application for SyncApi Active php
symfony-scripts some scripts used while developing for symfony Discontinued php symfony
php-frame a php framework with ready to use CRUD controllers Discontinued php
online-office manage projects & finances with this tool Discontinued php
onepagecreator generate a webpage with a few simple lines of code Discontinued php
mindbodyonline-api-php-wrapper a simple api wrapper for mindbodyonline Discontinued php
link.famoser.ch a very minimal relink webpage Finished php
jobbau bau dir deinen job! Discontinued php
farbstoff-design online shop for a printing firm Finished php symfony
swisshandwerker direct link between customers & craftmen Finished composer php symfony
nodika event calender conceptualized for emergency services by veterinarians Active php symfony
cv-cloud online, searchable repository of CV's of people looking for a job Finished composer php symfony
candidate tool sign up as a candidate for an election Discontinued php slimPHP