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symfony is a php web application framework enforcing the MVC design pattern

name kicker status tags
eVoting eVoting tool used yearly by a large student society Finished php symfony
massgekocht create a profil and order a menu recommended for you Finished symfony
-- hidden -- -- hidden -- Active php symfony
corporate-now internal communication tool Discontinued php symfony
farbstoff-design.ch onlineshop for a print service Active php symfony
coiffeurjob.ch jobs for hair stylists Active php symfony
symfony-scripts some scripts used while developing for symfony Discontinued php symfony
farbstoff-design online shop for a printing firm Finished php symfony
swisshandwerker direct link between customers & craftmen Finished composer php symfony
deinelehrstelle.bauberufe.ch apprenticeship cv Finished symfony
nodika event calender conceptualized for emergency services by veterinarians Active php symfony
cv-cloud online, searchable repository of CV's of people looking for a job Finished composer php symfony
mangel.io issue administration for construction managers Active Vue.js symfony
feedback tool to gather feedback after lectures / exercises / events for a student society Finished Vue.js symfony
eVoting eVoting tool for employees of a large university Finished Vue.js symfony